Small Businesses

This is the category page for the shopping guides relating to small businesses.


If you have specific requirements, use the contact us page to describe your situation. Otherwise, you can generally follow one of our guides (once completed). This will get you far. My definition of a Small Business is a single operator through the mom-and-pop all the way up to around 100 employees with multiple locations.

My main focus is to reduce monthly costs by recommending equipment that will either last a very long time, ten years or more, and has no monthly fees, or if the equipment is on the cheaper side, it has no monthly fees and will still last a minimum of three years.


Firewalla Options and current prices Nov-2022

Firewalla – I’ve had my eye on these for some time now and just got mine set up. I will be posting articles about the wide range of features. The main points for this list start with a business-class product with no monthly or yearly fees. The Firewalla has everything you would expect from a business-class firewall and router. Dual WAN, VPN, fully customizable firewall, routing, VLANs, and more.

Firewalla Website –

Firewall Gold (it’s what I have and is the most robust option) –


Ubiquiti or Meraki Go – Both Ubiquiti and Meraki Go offer no license options for top business-class equipment. More to come later, as making the right purchase decision can be very important.


Ubiquiti UniFi APs (links to Amazon partner) – I like equipment that just works as it should. That has been my experience with everything Ubiquiti, easy setup, and tough, long-lasting equipment.

nanoHD 1733 Mbit/s (links to Amazon partner) –


(coming soon)


(coming soon)


(coming soon)


Windows 10/11 Pro (Amazon partner link)

QuickBooks (Coming Soon)

Office 365 (update links coming soon)