Using Google Accounts with Your Non-Google Email

Suppose you have an existing email and don’t want to set up a Gmail just to use something YouTube or sign into google for any of their other services. You can use your existing email!

Visit this link: in a new tab.

Enter your information using a different password, as this is a new account. Google will send you an email to confirm your email and then you will be good to go on using your work email or personal non-gmail account to access Google services!

Signup screen for creating a google account without needing to have a Gmail account already.
Screenshot of the signup form to join Google services without a Gmail account (use your work email/domain).

Spencer Heckathorn

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One thought on “Using Google Accounts with Your Non-Google Email

  1. I found myself just now searching for “gmail without a gmail” and “google account without gmail” I feel like this information is hidden on search engines because I couldn’t find it, but I knew it was here on my site.

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