This article was written for a custom-built computer specifically for the needs of a machine shop. If someone sent you this article, the intent is to have you order parts for them to build the computer or possibly for you to build the computer. 

Each part will come separately and must be put together. Each of the following links dynamically updates when needed. Some links may be affiliate/advertising links but using them supports this site and costs you nothing extra.

When building a computer for use in a machine shop, there are typically two types of computers one might need. First, the typical machine shop will have office workers doing the accounting work and communicating with customers. Next, you have the people doing design/drafting work or programming the CNCs. For the best results, there are several considerations. Knowing what you are getting into as far as design work goes will help you decide where you can save a little money or should spend a little more.

For instance, I have a customer who needs accuracy to 7 decimal places. At that accuracy, he needs to get the professional Quadro cards with 64-bit precision.

Due to the odd computer shortages that are happening at the time of writing, these graphics cards are hard to find at reasonable prices, meaning you have to shop around. I’ve started building a price checker I will release on this site soon. I would have never considered doing this in the past, but it has become necessary due to the effect of the current computer environment.

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Other Notes Before We Get Started

Again, I stress that you realize these are computer parts, and ordering them, you must have someone to put them together or be ready to put them together yourself. Anyone directed here by Techsico IT has the option to have us build your computer for a service fee. This fee includes time to test parts and assemble the computer if you have never made a computer; this is no small task!

Updates will be added to this list as needed. Items marked with a ♥ are required if doing a complete build.


♥ Phanteks Windowed Full Tower

  • Need space for more drive? Need other connection options, including 3.5 Inch floppy? This case is a good solution with a ton of space, but it still looks good. Expect it to be around $100 but click the link to check the price (affiliate to Amazon).


  • Essential to any system, the Mother Board is the backbone that lets everything communicate. The B450 is an engineering masterpiece that results in a solid computer that can last you years.

We come to our first option in this build. This decision comes down to workflow. Do you often have several programs open at the same time, such as QuickBooks, Outlook, Excel, and Internet Browsers, switching between them frequently? Or are you more likely to work on one task at a time and then move on to the subsequent text? Do you need to look at security camera footage or open a lot of prints?

Pick the 5600G if you are the 1 task at a time worker, and you don’t need to open security footage or lots of drawings. It should save you around $100 in part costs. Pick the 5700G if you need more power and want to move faster!


AMD Ryzen 5 5600G

(Non-design/low-intensity use)

  • Everyone always says their computer is thinking, but you likely won’t be saying that too often when using the Ryzen 5600G. 12 threads of raw processing power will be crunching through your tasks like an accountant on a deadline for tax season.

AMD Ryzen 7 5700G 8-Core, 16-Thread

(Design/high-intensity use)

  • Everyone always says their computer is thinking, but you likely won’t be saying that too often when using the Ryzen 5700G. 16 threads of raw processing power will be crunching through your tasks like an accountant on a deadline for tax season who also downed their first pot of coffee.

Crucial Ballistix 32 GB Ram


  • This is your RAM and when it comes to the true power of the Ryzen platform (the thinking part of your computer). Having quality RAM with a high speed is crucial.

Crucial P1 2TB 3D NAND NVMe

  • Up to 2400x faster than non-NVMe, you will see improvements in your file save times, program opening, and general usage. Don’t let its small size fool you either this drive could hold over 1 million full-length books, over 200 movies, and around 250k 12 MP pictures.

Graphics Card Options Drafters and Programmers:

I have options here because this is one of the most significant parts of the budget. Deciding on what to get here will matter. If you’re doing design work and CNC programming, you can skip these; however, if you want to spend less time in front of the computer and more time getting productive work hours out of your machines and crew, get at least a minimal graphics card. However, if you are price conscious or want to upgrade later, do not need the uber accuracy, or are not looking for speed, save the money; the 5600G and 5700G options above will work.

Stock Shortages: Currently, it is hard, if not impossible, to find and purchase some graphics cards at the standard retail price. Click each link to check the most up-to-date pricing.

ASUS ROG Strix RTX 3090

  • We are starting at the top so you can see the worst it can be. Click the link in the title to check the current price. I’m sure it will not be cheap!

 RTX 3060 (Changes)

  • I have this one setup to pick the best RTX 3060. It should dynamically update to the best option at the time you click it. The picture will not match because of this. However, the pricing on this will be much more favorable!

Generic RTX 2080 Super

  • This link also dynamically updates when you click on it. The picture will not match the link. The RTX 2080 is on the more powerful side of the last generation, so you get the top end of an older card. It can be a good compromise if you are still trying to save as much money as possible.

EVGA 750 Platinum Power Supply (If you Got a Graphics Card)

  • This is the required power for the larger graphics cards. Depending on your choice, you can save a little by picking a different card. Efficiency is the rating Bronze, Gold, or Platinum and has a significant effect.

EVGA 550 Gold Power Supply

  • This is the base power for a general build. Efficiency is the rating Bronze, Gold, Platinum and has a significant effect.

♥ Windows 10 Pro

  • You are likely already running Windows 10, but with each new computer, there is a need for a new license.
  • Contact me if you can’t find one on Amazon


  • Quite and cool operation depends on getting quality fans for your build. This 3-pack is a good option.

Seagate BarraCuda 4TB/8TB Internal

  • You need a drive for backups and data storage. On the page that loads you can choose the size you want and I recommend getting the largest you can reasonably afford.

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