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I find myself in many situations where I need to set up a custom app or legacy system with the ability to send out emails, but we just started using Office 365 recently. So here are some of the server settings for different applications that should help keep the mail flowing.

Finding the Settings for Your Organization

You might wonder how you can find your organization’s exact POP3 and IMAP settings. Office 365 gives you easy access to see what these settings are by following the steps I have below.

Open Outlook online and click the settings wheel at the top right of the screen. From there, Microsoft hides the reset of the settings. You have to look at the bottom of the screen for a link that says “All Outlook Settings,” inside this menu, you will need to select Mail > Sync email, and you will see settings for POP, IMAP, and SMTP.

You will also see in this menu that you may need to select an option to allow devices to use POP if you use that technology.

Office 365 Email Server Settings

Office 365 Settings

Does Office 365 use POP or IMAP?

If you are considering getting Office 365, you might be trying to ensure it is compatible with all your apps and processes.

The good news is that Office 365 uses both POP and IMAP, your option during setup. You can also use Exchange setup for systems that support Exchange.

Does Office 365 Have App Password Support?

Yes, with Office 365, you can set up app passwords. I will have an entire article on this topic and a short version of instructions here (coming soon).

How Can I Impersonate When Using Office 365?

Impersonation using Office 365 can mean a few different things. If you would like to “send as,” allowing you to send your email out as a distribution list or another domain, click here for a guide.

If you are an admin and need to impersonate a user to fix an issue, demonstrate something, or send an email as another user, click here for a guide on that kind of impersonation.

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